Educational Posters

I am all for any type of learning tools for children at home. So these really was something I was interested in making sure I had to help my kids when their ready. This set of learning posters is very useful and helpful when a child does home work this is great to reference back to. In this set by Educational Posters you will get an addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and a press poster. These are 13x 19 a good size visually. I like that they are colorful and kid friendly. The pemdas defiantly will help to remember the operations of math more easily. I really like these, the only thing I wish they were laminated but over all these are great helpful Posters! Check them out here on Amazon
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Seat Cushion

This seat cushion by Gideon is perfect for someone with back pain. I originally got this for my grandma to put in her office chair. This will help relieve pressure when sitting on it for long periods of time.  This can be moved around easily so she can use in her car also. There is rubber dots on the bottom to help keep it in place and not slide around. This is great for people who have tailbone pain or sciatica pain. This helps to evenly distribute ypur weight evenly and relieving pressure on your back and your hips helping you to have better posture. This is formed to be shaped to you body to give you a comfortable seat. If your sitting long term this is a must! Check it out here on amazon
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Mouse Zapper

I have two little kids so having snap mouse traps or having glue traps is just not an option in parts of  my house. My husband is the one to mess with most traps. This one is an electronic mouse trap you plug it into the wall socket or have a battery option. This has a place to put bait and it will kill the mice instantly by zapping it. We live in a older house with fields nearby with winter here we will occasionally see some mice so this will be nice to have, maybe the cat wont bring us no more presents! I like that its closed in you dont see the mouse and its easy to dispose. That is a selling point for me! This is hard plastic well made and feels as though it will hold up for quite some time. Check it out here on amazon
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Animal Repeller

When we put our garden out so many plants get eaten by animals walking through, it gets annoying! next year we will be using this Ultrasonic Animal Repeller to hopefully rid if these pesky pest and have a garden better than before. This has 3 frequency settings, ill have to figure out which works the best! You also have the option of having flashing lights to scare off pesks. I really like that I have options with this one. This can be charged usb or by solar power which solar power is my choice. This is very humane the noise just scares the animals away. This works to repel cats dogs deer squirrels mice racoons and many more. If you have pest this is a great option! Check it out here on amazon
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Spider repeller

This pest repeller by Hoont does just what it says! Its winter here and everything is trying to get in especially spiders! I really like that this will repel them amongst other bugs like mice bats ticks fleas ants etc. This is chemical free it sends ultrasonic sounds that we as humans cannot hear. You dont have to mess with a bunch of pesticides and get the bad chemicals on you, this is as simple as just plugging in! This will cover an area around 2000 sq feet that plenty to cover my house! This also has another feature, a nightlight. I dont personally care for the look it reminds me of a bug but it does what it says and has saved me the headache and stress of watching for spiders! This looks small but its pretty good at what it does! Check it out here on amazon
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The is a great usb charger by Namsey. This is small enough to throw in your purse and have with you when you need. My phone is always dying so this is pretty nice to have. This is a dual charger you can plug two usb cords in at the same time and charge at the same time. Most things today require a usb charger so somewhere near you usually you have a cord you just need the charger part. I like that you can push the plug part down and it tucks away into the charger so if needed i can slip into my pocket and it will fit without poking at me.  I like that it comes as a 2 pack one for my husband and one for me! This will make great stocking stuffers! I will definitely be getting these next year for gifts! Check it out here on amazon
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Irrigation timer

This irrigation timer by Gideon seems like a pretty cool timer! We plan to do a big garden next year and this will be perfect! There is a place to put two hoses on the bottom! This will cover all the garden! We always rely on rain and forget numerous times to water our plants so this was a pretty neat thing to get! This has a couple cool features that I want to point out! If you feel your plants on one side need watered more than the others you can set this to only do one side! Another cool feature is the dial you are given options on when and how often you would like the water to go off.  This has an option to skip watering when you have rainy days too. The lcd screens easy to read and has a nice protective cover to protect it. Check it out here on amazon
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