Awesome animal clippers!

This is a great set of pet clipers by Shiny Pet. I have medium sized dog these work great for to keep her nails trimmed. When I clip her nails this gives a nice clean clip. I had no problem with jagged edges or her nail breaking of. The cutter part is a thick strong stinless steel its angled to give you a better and safer way to clip. The part that cuts is also at a slight angle. This lets ypu carefully place the blade at the correct place on the nail and your fingers dont hve to be placed ina weird angle. The handle fits nicely inside you hand to give you a nice firm secure grip to safely clip the nail. Theres a rubber anti slip protection on the handle also. The handle is made of a nice thick plastic that seems durable and can stand up to wear and tear. This set can be used for multiple types of pets with nails not just dogs. Theres cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, the list goes on. This has overall been a great set, its sharp and I really like the way it fits my hands. These are nice check them out here

Soccer goal

My kids love the outdoors and running and playing. We love kicking the ball back and forth. When I seen this I knew my sons would love it! Its been gloomy and yuck here but I just know this will be fun in our big yard. So for now we play with it on the porch! Both of them kick the ball back and forth to eachother and these goals are big 6 foot so they keep it from going off the porch as much as it normally would. These are great quality I have tried numerous goalies usually came with one for around the price but yo get 2 with this set. I love that they are pop up its easy to set up and tear down! You even get a nice carrying bag! This also comes woth stakes to keep these goals secure. The netting seems pretty strong and secure to handle lots of hitting with the ball. I will also use this when teaching my son baseball so that way the ball is stopped if he misses. Theres a few ways to use this. I cant wait to use it with my kids in the yard! I received this product at a promotional price and this is my honest unbiased opinion.
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Condiment tray!

This condiment tray is pretty convenient when you have children! You get 4 little containers to place condiments or other items like i will mostly use for snacks for my kids in that fit perfectly inside the built in ice tray. You can place ice in the bottom to keep your contents cool and chilled. This is perfect for my kids! To place jello or pudding in and have it ready to go. Its holds just enough for them to eat. I cant wait to use this for a cookout or parties. I needed something like this awhile ago. So much would go bad sitting in the sun and baking. This will help things stay fresh and stay good while being outside in the heat and sun. This is a thick hard plastic thats durable and super easy to clean. I love to grate cheese to have it as a easy access just waiting in a container so you can sprinkle it on, and onion and peppers so many times while cooking I chop up peppers and onions and someone wants them incooked and now i can keep them chilled in this container so people can add them as needed. I actually know a few people who need one of these and will be great as gifts! I received this product at a promotional price and this is my honest unbiased opinion.
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Ozeri ceramic knives and stand!

This is a set of three ceramic knives with the knife holder. First off I was so amazed in these knives they are multi sized so they can be used for multiple needs fruits and vegetables are perfect with this set! I love having multiple choice. These are very sharp they will cut smooth and easy, leaving you with a nice clean cut you can make chunky cuts or super thin. These are light, less than my traditional knives you can get the job done efficiently and quickly. I love the look and the design of these. The handle is nicely shaped and gives you a good area to get a nice grip so you dont slip. These are ceramic so you to have to take care of them and use them properly but they are amazing and will get the job done! I also got the knife holder that pairs with these beautiful ceramic knives. It is a sleek beautiful design. You place your knives inside the slots and this stand holds them securely. The holes are staggered or adjistable to be side by side. The staggered actually is a nice looking different design. It has a little bit of weight to it so it stays standing and stays secure on your counter top. The clear casing helps to see the knives perfectly. I love how easily they just glide in and out of this stand. I will leave this complete set out on my counter its too beautiful not too! I received these products at a promotional price and this is my honest unbiased opinion.
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Sound peats surround!

It seems some wireless speakers are hit or miss on the quality. I was skeptical at how well this really would be for the price. It was easy to connect to my android phone it was easy to conncet right with the bluetooth capability which it automatically goes to. When you turn it on. I like that its a complete surround speaker so it doesnt fall over easy and you can hear the music all the way around. I like the cool feature of the volume. You touch the ring on the top to increase and decrease volume. This has pretty good bass. I was suprised it came with the cords, so I had everything to charge this right up. I got around a 6 hour charge with this my phone died before this did. This is awesome quality. A great speaker. I do wish it had a play button on top or a pause function but overall this is pretty sweet! Would be great for a gift. I cant wait to use this at cookouts or at my kids brothday parties. I received this product at a promotional price and this is my honest unbiased opinion. Check it out here:

Hair straightener

I have very frizzy hair and have to run a straightener through it jist to tame this mess. I have tried many brushes and still needed to run a straightener through my hair to give it the straight straight look. This is definetly one of the better ones i have tried. When using a brush I choose to use this so it still goves me that quick straight look when I am in the hurry. I really like the colors its very pretty. This seems to flow nicely through my hair. It dont snag or tangle up my hair when brushing. My hair feels very soft when I use this. I dont have fried burnt ends like I have with others! The buttons are on the side, I tend to bump them and change the temperature but other than that its a great every day product.


Beautiful pink makeup brushes!

This is a very nice set of makeup brushes. The color is a soft pink. You get a variety of sizes for all your needs. The bristles are so soft! I only apply makeup every so often but when I do i love to have a nice quality set of brushes to apply it with. This set has a nice golden ring that ties the colors together and gives it a elegant beautiful look. This set comes in a nice carrying clutch. The clutch is beautiful also it is a sleek black with a tie string to keep it closed. This set is a must have for your makeup needs! The bristles are soft and look great. These are a great price for the quality you receive. You can create the look you want! I received this product at a promotional price and this is my honest unbiased opinion.