Solar fountain

I love this solar fountain I have seen these all over the place and have been wanting one for my bird bath. These are smaller than I thought they would be but it does what it’s supposed to. I really like that it gives you extra pieces to change the sprinkling height and pattern, as I don’t need it to go high or the water would come out and the motor would just run. I lovethat it is solar it charges by the sun. We don’t have electric where our birdbath is sitting so this works great. It gives it a nice calming sound not too much but just enough to hear while sitting outside. The solar part that collects the sun’s energy is big enough to keep it running the majority of the day! This is a nice added feature to my bird bath I love it!
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Baby thermometer


I have tried so many expensive and non expensive thermometers for my 2 younger kids and we have learned that the ones that go under the tounge just do not work for sick toddlers and those even can go under the arm but they still don’t hold still so those were out of the question. So we searched for a good quality head or ear thermometer and when I seen this done both I was pretty excited to try it! When your child is sick you just want something quick and accurate. This works in seconds. The backlight could stay on a little longer that’s the only thing I didn’t care alot for but overall this is my go to thermometer when my kids feel like they have fevers. The buttons are simple to use and give you the option of head or ear. Yes this does both! I even compared the head temperate to the ear and they was similar. There’s a cap that needs to be twisted off I felt like I was going to break it but it does come off to get to the ear part. Also this goes off on it’s own so it will save batteries. Check it out here
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Smart sport watch

This is a larger watch great fitting on a man’s wrist or a woman’s if you like the larger style. This is a sports watch it’s durable and has a sporty look. I got the red and black I love they way the colors compliment eachother. The band is comfortable and gives this watch a overall nice fit. There’s some pretty cool features to this it’s not your typical smart watch but it’s simple yet has the added features like Bluetooth capability, it’s got a built in pedometer, and notifications images and many more great features. My husband does alot of walking throughout the day so I like the pedometer effect it has so he can keep track. There’s a backlight button so you can see in the dark. The only thing with the light is it don’t stay on nearly long enough I’m still working to figure it out im sure it’s a setting I’m missing somewhere. This would be such a nice gift to someone who loves watches the quality and function is there and it’s really nice! I was so glad I got to test this out!
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Baby teethers

Having good quality baby products is important. I have tried numerous that just didn’t seem safe and secure. I really like this set. The rubber is a soft rubber that you can bend or baby can safely chew on and it’s soft to the touch and gums. This set gives baby a variety of fun shapes and some bright colors making it inviting and keeping the babies attention. It’s free of latex, bpa and lead free absolutely non toxic! Important when protecting our children! There’s a nice little handle attached that easy for little hands to hold onto. These are safe for your dishwasher and the free. I like that, I don’t need to worry about them getting brittle and falling apart! You are also given a pacifier clip which is a nice touch as they are amazing! Check them out here on Amazon
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Educational Posters

I am all for any type of learning tools for children at home. So these really was something I was interested in making sure I had to help my kids when their ready. This set of learning posters is very useful and helpful when a child does home work this is great to reference back to. In this set by Educational Posters you will get an addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and a press poster. These are 13x 19 a good size visually. I like that they are colorful and kid friendly. The pemdas defiantly will help to remember the operations of math more easily. I really like these, the only thing I wish they were laminated but over all these are great helpful Posters! Check them out here on Amazon
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Seat Cushion

This seat cushion by Gideon is perfect for someone with back pain. I originally got this for my grandma to put in her office chair. This will help relieve pressure when sitting on it for long periods of time.  This can be moved around easily so she can use in her car also. There is rubber dots on the bottom to help keep it in place and not slide around. This is great for people who have tailbone pain or sciatica pain. This helps to evenly distribute ypur weight evenly and relieving pressure on your back and your hips helping you to have better posture. This is formed to be shaped to you body to give you a comfortable seat. If your sitting long term this is a must! Check it out here on amazon
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Mouse Zapper

I have two little kids so having snap mouse traps or having glue traps is just not an option in parts of  my house. My husband is the one to mess with most traps. This one is an electronic mouse trap you plug it into the wall socket or have a battery option. This has a place to put bait and it will kill the mice instantly by zapping it. We live in a older house with fields nearby with winter here we will occasionally see some mice so this will be nice to have, maybe the cat wont bring us no more presents! I like that its closed in you dont see the mouse and its easy to dispose. That is a selling point for me! This is hard plastic well made and feels as though it will hold up for quite some time. Check it out here on amazon
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